Hollywood Yates, known as “WOLF” on the highly publicized NBC television show American Gladiators, is as tough and wild as they come. Hollywood’s character, “Wolf”, has emerged as one of the top American Gladiators due to his looks, branded howl and snide comments (“I smell blood. I smell fear and I am going to eat you”). He is as cool off the TV set as he is on. You will witness all 6 feet-4 inches — 235 pounds as he bounds into your living room challenging the contestants in Hang Tough, the Pyramid and the Wall. Monday Nights, NBC 8/7c. Hollywood has segued into comedy through an upcoming FOX ½ hour sitcom. Living With Abandon will be viewed for a 2010 slate as well as an indie feature, Fancy Pants playing “The Darkness” directed by Joshua Russell to also premiere next year. Additionally, Jason Alexander contacted Hollywood Personally to work on a New project with him.


Hollywood’s credits include A spot on CSI NY, a recurring role on Disney XD’s “I’m in the Band”, and The Unjust (6 episodes) and supporting roles in When Shadows Die and Vampire Slayers. Hollywood’s resume reads like the true Renaissance man- 23 years on the professional rodeo circuit as a bullfighter and rodeo clown, including 2 time NFR Wrangler bullfights finalist, 1 time NFR Wrangler bullfights Barrel man, 2 time BRO World Champion Bullfighter, 3 time Salinas Bullfight Champion, 3 time Ellensburg Bullfight Champion, 4 time FT. Madison Bullfight Champion plus over 30 other championships. Hollywood Yates IS THE most recognized bullfighter.

The media has embraced Hollywood for years either as the long-haired rodeo clown or the take-no-prisoners “Wolf” on American Gladiators — from the rodeo arena to the red carpets in Hollywood. He has appeared on The Today Show, VH1’s Best Week Ever, Deal or No Deal, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, GAC, CMT, Access Hollywood, FOX News Happy Hour, CW11, Fox and Friends, and has also been heard across the nation through his numerous radio tours, as well as the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Radio Show, Go Country, Shade 45, Mike & Murray, and Maxim Radio. Yates has also been written about in various print articles including Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated and People Magazine and sponsored by Coors Light and Wrangler within his career. And did I mention that he wrestled professionally with the WWE and is also a stuntman? Maybe some of the complexity of his growth explains his wide range in life of this daunting competitor. Hollywood can be as down to earth and humble as they come, yet when he rolls into the bull-ring or arena- everything changes- “I am not into humiliating people- but when I’m competing, I love destroying any hope my opponent might have- I want to take their heart away-so when they look up and see me- they feel crushed, like there’s no chance at all.” — And the bad news for competitors- the dude also hates to lose.

Hollywood continues to re-invent himself and he has the skills, looks and charisma to do it perfectly.


Hollywood Yates

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