Meet Hollywood Yates

Entertaining from the age of 7 as an Elvis impersonator, the morning Elvis died and he sat captivated in front of the television and radio all day. It was then he saw how one man could capture the world and decided he wanted to be that kind of man. Hollywood's grandfather owned several night clubs during the time he was growing up and he performed every chance he got. Singing songs ranging from Elvis to Michael Jackson to Kenny Rodgers. Then he started into Hank Jr., Charlie Daniels, David Allen Coe, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, and Waylon ... he liked the Outlaws. This might have a little to do with the back rooms and hush hush gambling rooms that his grandfather owned. It was also here were he learned about the networking that goes on in business. Meeting mayors, governors and other influential people in these environments showed him everybody has a little outlaw in them and everybody likes to have fun.

The media has embraced Hollywood for years either as the long-haired rodeo clown or the take-no-prisoners “Wolf” on American Gladiators. Hollywood is stepping back to his roots in the music industry and is already getting great reviews from the media such as CMT Insider who aired a story about him crossing over to the music scene and Todays Country Magazine which states “...he does have a uniqueness to his sound that he combines with a presence that alone is enough to attract attention and when you mix in the fact that the guy can sing an upbeat, rocking, tune with a voice that booms over the crowd you can definitely see that this is someone that is about to peak a tremendous interest amongst the industry."